Coronavirus Update!

Hey everyone! We hope you’re all staying safe out there! Yesterday we released the finale for season 2 of our Fall of Plaguestone actual play. We have 6 more episodes already recorded from before lockdowns, and hopefully we’ll be able to get back into things soon. However, without a definitive date lined up for when we can all get back together to finish things out, and since we don’t all have the capability to remote record, we’re going to be pushing the releases to bi-weekly in the hopes that the extra time will get us back together without a major gap in releases. If things open up sooner, we’ll be able to go back to weekly.

Now, we don’t want to leave everyone completely hanging, though, so we do have some other ideas in the works to provide some form of continuing content in the interim. While we have focused heavily on TTRPGs and Pathfinder specifically, we are looking to branch out into the video game realm as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for journeying along with us through our chats and games, and hopefully we’ll get back to regular Plaguestone releases soon. Stay safe out there, everyone!


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